Props for Film/TV/Photography

Smokelore products can be found in various film, TV, and photography projects.

lounging woman smokes delicious Smokelore herbal cigarettes

Identical to tobacco cigarettes

Prop masters choose Smokelore herbal cigarettes because they not only look, feel, and smoke identically to commercial-made tobacco cigarettes, but because they are of a much higher standard of quality.

Highest possible quality

Unlike mass-produced herbal cigarettes, Smokelore is crafted using botanicals grown on our own farm, processed by hand in small batches, and have a fresher more superior flavour. We use pure herbs only - no chemical agents, sugars, or treatments.

Talent prefers Smokelore

They're organic, completely biodegradable, come in zero waste packaging, and have been grown using biodynamic and regenerative farming practices. For these reasons plus all the delicious blends to choose from, actors have reported they prefer using Smokelore herbal cigarettes over the larger mass-produced brands.


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