Nanaimo B.C. //  Wyrd Wealth

Upstairs at the Vault Cafe, 499 Wallace St. (map) Instagram: @wyrdwealth


Nanaimo B.C.  //  Lucky Cloud

13b Commercial St. (map) Instagram:


Nanaimo B.C.  //  Black Rabbit Kitchen & Attic

321 Selby St. (map) Instagram:


Cedar B.C.  //  Yellow Point Farms

4756 Yellow Point Rd. (map) Instagram: @yellowpointfarms


Coombs B.C.  //  The Other Side Artisan Collective

2345 Alberni Hwy. (map) Instagram: @theothersideartisancollective


Cumberland B.C.  //  Moons Records

2345 Alberni Hwy. (map) Instagram: @theothersideartisancollective


Victoria B.C.  //  Cold Comfort

1115 N Park St. (map) Instagram: @coldcomforticecreamcompany


Victoria B.C.  //  Cream Life + Style

2000 Fernwood Rd. (map) Instagram: @creamlifeandstyle


Victoria B.C.  //  Green Muse Herbs 

1038 Fort St. (map) Instagram: @greenmuseherbs


St. John's N.L.  //  Hempware Inc. 

98 Duckworth St. (map) Instagram: @hempware


Portland, Oregon  //  Seagrape Apothecary 

2823 NE Sandy Blvd. (map) Instagram: @seagrapeapothecary


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